Have you tried countless traditional interventions to recover from trauma, but still not finding relief and just plain out exhausted?


  • Are you a woman that experienced sexual trauma?

  • Have tried psychotropic meds or talk therapy but are still suffering, and it is taking a toll on your finances, work performance, social relationships, overall health + mind?

  • Do you struggle to regulate your emotions, especially anger and often respond inappropriately and intensely to stressors?

  • Do you fear making love or avoid sexual behaviors?


  • Are you avoiding social outings, due to overstimulation and overwhelm? 


  • Do you suffer from intrusive memories or flashbacks?


In this program, you will…

  • Receive three-months of hypnotherapy support to address the unconscious thinking and behavior patterns that talk therapy and psychotropic meds are unable to address, and therefore, often not effective in healing sexual trauma


  • Receive psycho-education on the mind-body connection, the role of the nervous system and stress hormones, trauma responses


  • Learn practical exercises and tools to help you self-regulate your emotions, so that you can calm down and stay grounded in any environment or situation


  • Learn to trust yourself and reconnect with your inner wisdom and feel safe in your body

  • Learn how to facilitate mind-body healing with your body’s own natural resources and brain’s organic neuroplasticity


  • Receive ongoing social and emotional support

This is a holistic, bottom-up approach to recovery after trauma. Work through your trauma by addressing the mind, body + soul, collectively.  In this program, we utilize behavior change strategies, movement, and energy work to help facilitate healing at a deep soul and cellular level. 


This work is for those who have tried psychotropic meds and talk therapy, but are still struggling, or for those who want to complement their current traditional treatment with powerful approaches that utilize the brain’s organic neuroplasticity


It’s no secret that big pharma-drug companies are disproportionately profitable. This sadly results in less published research studies into non-drug treatments and most that are researched and published are dubbed “alternative.” The irony is, some of the most effective “alternative” interventions for treating trauma are non-drug treatments such as Yoga, Brain Wave training, and Meditation, all of which utilize the mind and body’s natural resources and innate ability to heal. 


Trauma is suffocating. It can feel inescapable, as you are repeatedly and unexpectedly thrown back into the traumatic experience, after the smallest and sometimes undetectable triggers. You often feel trapped in the past as you painfully struggle to be in the here and now. The consequences are significant. Traumatic experiences can linger on and negatively impact your personal relationships, your work performance and productivity, your physical and emotional health, your finances, and more. 


I was there before; I get it. I spent most of my 20’s in traditional talk therapy and tried multiple medications. I thought that I was always going to feel “broken.” That was, until I discovered the power of the subconscious mind, somatic work and energy healing modalities


I made the decision to utilize my personal healing journey experiences and education to develop a holistic framework for providing relief after trauma. Now, I want to help you to do the same. With a decade of experience in the behavioral health field, advanced degrees in Psychology and being a survivor of multiple forms of childhood trauma, I have the appropriate skill set to help you discover the trauma warrior that you are! 


How is this work different from other recovery or coaching programs? 

I am certified in multiple healing modalities, and hold a Master’s of Science degree in Psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis. I am trained to help individuals identify maladaptive behavior patterns and solutions. I incorporate an intuitive approach with evidence-based interventions. This means that I lead with my heart, but I also utilize science backed approaches for optimal behavior change. 


This recovery program contains a combination of complementary and alternative modalities to achieve a deeper solution to healing. It is a truly comprehensive approach to transformation after trauma. Approaches within this program include:  Stress Inoculation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Exposure Therapy Training, Dream Journaling, Inner Child Work, and Energy Psychology to address the mind.  Somatic Experiencing and Yogic Practices to address the body. Finally, Meditation, Intuitive Guidance, Reiki and Emotion Code to address the soul.


While traditional talk therapy is very helpful for identifying and processing trauma and modifying thought patterns and behaviors, it has its limitations. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is not always appropriate as a stand alone intervention for treating trauma in many individuals. Trauma can reside in and become stored in the body. Although the traumatized person will feel emotional and psychological distress when triggered, the response will likely manifest as a visceral reaction. This demonstrates the importance of and a need for a holistic approach when healing trauma. 


Hypnotherapy for Trauma:

According to leading trauma expert, Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D., we can utilize the trance states for therapeutic purposes. In trance or the hypnotic state, theta brain waves are dominant and we can assign new meaning to specific, distressing stimuli to create new, positive associations. In his #1 New York Times Best Seller, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, Dr. Van Der Kolk provides the example of war veterans becoming activated, or “triggered” by loud bangs and cracks that remind them of gunfire. Through hypnosis, the practitioner can create a new association for the distressing stimuli to something more positive, such as time spent with family, watching fireworks (2014).

*Throughout the program, you will keep a dream journal— so that we can interpret shifts in the unconscious mind to measure outcomes of hypnotherapy as well as vent out the trauma since you no longer need to hold onto it, because it is no longer relevant in the present!

BEYOND BREAKTHROUGHS: Trauma Recovery is a 12 week virtual or in office program. There are 3 Levels of support to choose from. We meet weekly for 90 min. 1:1 sessions in addition to coherence group sessions in Level 3. Due to the intensity of this work, spaces are limited