Releasing Trapped Emotions with the Emotion Code

It wasn't too long after I sent my daughter off to school, and finished my last bit of coffee, when I noticed leaf abscission in the trees.🍂 I suddenly had an urge to add some pumpkin spice to my coffee!

I began thinking of all the household tasks I needed to do to prepare for the Autumn months. And then... I started longing for summer.🥲

As I completed the mental "to-do" list, filled with tasks like deep clean the oven, declutter the house, wipe down the walls... SUDDENLY... it hit me! We prepare our home for the season change, but what about our mind and body? Self-care is important, so why not release the emotional baggage that is keeping you from living your best life? Don't want to talk about all of the traumatic details from your past, but still ready to let go?! Look no further, because the Emotion Code utilizes the energy frequencies in the body to heal and requires no discussion of the past or those pesky details associated with the Trapped Emotions.

How Does Emotion Code Work?!

Emotion Code is a powerful energy healing modality that combines kinesiology, quantum physics, muscle testing, and the subconscious mind to access information about trapped emotional energy.🧠 Emotions are energy in motion. Every emotion you experience operates on a vibrational frequency. Energy can become trapped and stored in the body, impacting our health and mood.

Once Identified and decoded, we then release that Trapped Emotion, restoring the body's balance and energetic system. Developed by renowned holistic physician, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Emotion Code is also a book, documentary (E-Motion) and has been featured on Gaia, ABCNews, Readers Digest, Huffpost, NPR, Mogul and more.

Clients Report Profound Benefits & Results

After just one Emotion Code session, clients have reported:

  • Restored emotional balance

  • Improved mood

  • Noticeable decrease in physical pain

  • Fulfilling relationships and social connections

  • Decrease in stress and anxiety

  • Sleeping better and longer

So... what are you waiting for?! Schedule your virtual Emotion Code session with me to

release trapped emotions and restore balance

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