My Journey

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O'Livia Kennedy, M.S. Psy, CMI, CCHt, CECP
Holistic Behavior Coach, Reiki II Practitioner, Certified Meditation Instructor, Clinical Hypnotist, Emotion Code Practitioner
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She/her: I am a proud mom,  warrior of trauma, heart-centered practitioner, energy worker & lover of life!


The journey to become happy and healthy can seem daunting, but I am here to help you transform your mindset and love the life you live.  


I experienced multiple forms of trauma throughout my entire childhood and adolescent years. I decided to get a M.S. in Psych to better understand how the human mind and environment 

influence behaviors. I also spent years attending weekly traditional talk therapy appointments and hundreds and hundreds of dollars on multiple trials with different psychotropic medications. It felt like my clinicians were throwing everything they had at this target and praying something would stick. 


I only had access to my clinicians in sessions and we would explore the trauma and try to process all that shit in a 45 minute window, which would often leave me vulnerable and with more questions than answers. Re-opening the wounds with minimal time to process all those emotions in one session. The work was laborious and the results were mediocre. Eventually, everything in my life became so monotonous, lacked meaning and then would tailspin me into a depression. I was always wondering: “Is this all there is to my life? Will I ever be healed and find happiness?” 


That all changed after the 9th or 10th therapist. She introduced me to more holistic interventions such as Mindfulness and ACT, and broke down the complexities of trauma. My faith was restored! As I continued to feel unsatisfied with the missing link within the traditional medical model, I decided to do my own research and take a more active role in my own healing journey. 


Learning just how deeply trauma impacts a person, left me intrigued and hopeful. Trauma affects a person at a cellular level. It changes your brain circuitry, even long after the traumatic event. Trauma knows no time. It cannot tell the difference between today and the past. This means that even a teeny-tiny, stressful event can reactivate the experiences and memories, convincing your system that you are right back in that traumatic event. The brain floods the system with stress hormones and intense, unpleasant emotions, leaving the survivor feeling helpless. 


Times have changed and the research into trauma treatment continues to grow.  I discovered the importance of the mind-body connection and determined that THIS was the missing link in traditional approaches to healing trauma.


 I finally viewed healing through a different lens and made the decision to utilize complementary and alternative healing modalities to reunify my mind, body, and soul and reclaim my power!


My Approach

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My goal as a heart-centered practitioner is to improve the overall quality of life for my clients.  I provide the greatest quality of care while empowering and promoting independence among individuals. Some of the approaches that I incorporate into my practice combine Energy Work and Mind-Body skills. These interventions include Yogic Techniques, Somatic Work, EFT, Mindfulness, Progressive Relaxation techniques, Hypnosis and Therapeutic Imagery.


In addition to the above techniques, I also utilize behavior modification strategies, Motivational Interviewing and other therapeutic interventions to provide my clients with optimal behavior change and mindset improvement. You already have the power to heal, sometimes we just need additional supports and guidance. Let me help guide you.